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Didn’t seem a natural location for this. Seems interesting, and sad.

Amid suspicions of fraud, protests broke out across the country, and the international community turned to the Organization of American States, which had been invited to observe the elections, for its assessment.

The organization’s statement, which cited “an inexplicable change” that “drastically modifies the fate of the election,” heightened doubts about the fairness of the vote and fueled a chain of events that changed the South American nation’s history. The opposition seized on the claim to escalate protests, gather international support, and push Mr. Morales from power with military support weeks later.

Now, a study by independent researchers, using data obtained by The New York Times from the Bolivian electoral authorities, has found that the Organization of American States’ statistical analysis was itself flawed.

Not clear cut that there wasn’t fraud, or who did it (likely there was some), but pretty concerning there have been and are no new elections planned.

I gave @FromOutside50 a bit of snark in the other thread for backing Bernie and Sweden. On Bolivia I think he called it 100% correct from the start. So credit where it’s due.

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