(Good)Bye the Bye!

Well, the distortions of it anyway.

We’ve had 12 teams play a week after their bye.
10 have lost, 2 have won.

The two that won played against teams that also had their bye the week before, St Kilda against Sydney, and Collingwood against Adelaide. How strange that Collingwood got this benefit. A few of those losers have lost unexpectedly, particularly Freo and Brisbane.

Also, most teams coming off the bye have started well, but faded badly.

Let’s see what happens next weekend, but hopefully it works for us this week, instead of against us last week.

But surely there’s an easy answer. 3 groups of 6 have the bye on successive weekends.
That means that each team has 4 or 5 teams they can play the following week.

And stick the Thursday night game fair up your freckle. Having only two games on Saturday and Sunday leaves a pretty desolate footy-watching day. Probably Saturday gets the 3 games, and don’t have the late game on Sunday start so long after the first game finishes. No need for a 4.30 pm game.


I have a better idea. Fark the bye off!


All byes in a single week. That week becomes a mid-season trade week and has the mid-season draft.


I didn’t even read your comment, Noons, but I’m already on board. Fark the bye

I don’t think losing to Fremantle in Perth was due to the bye I’m afraid.

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They lost badly to Richmond after the bye.

I’m all in favour of having the bye…and not over a single weekend.

Afl.com.au must get their ideas from Blitz. They’ve just posted a similar article.

Kill the bye completely. Play extra games instead, but mandate that every player must be rested at least twice per year in games of the club’s choice, with no two rests for a single player being less than 6 weeks apart. Games lost to injury count as rests, games lost to suspension do not.


Tassie brings the weekly bye back again, boo

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I’m hopeful Fark Carlton will fold before Tassie comes in.


Coupla years there will be a bye every week.

Deal with it

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Scrap it all together or have a single bye week. Players are conditioned to get through the season without needing a rest anyway.

Nor was it when the Lions lost to Hawthorn, or Freo lost at home to Richmond, or Suns got thrased by the Blosers?


Swans winning by 171 points against the Eagles is a totally normal result too.

Suns beating Hawks by 60 points…

The bye exists because the players wanted it, so they don’t think they’re conditioned to get through the season without a rest.

Just make it when you come off the bye, you play another team also coming off a bye. Problem solved, but too difficult for the AFL apparently.

Even before the current run of results, it just logically seems fairer that way. Anyone can see that.


Obviously my point was too subtle.

I’ll try again. The idea that the only reason we lost to Fremantle in Perth was because we had a bye is in my view very unlikely. They are a comfortably better team than us on their home deck.

And Richmond, who had been very ordinary, were able to smack them on that same deck the week after Freo had the bye?

Admittedly, Freo would have been fired up after their ordinary performance last week and determined not to repeat it in front of the home fans.

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An alternative is that all teams have a bye at the same time - a ‘football-less’ weekend. Not popular with the media, I’m sure.


It really is ridiculous.

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This is Essendon.

It doesn’t work that way for us. Never has.

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