GOT for free via Foxtel Now 10 day trial?

Forgive me for starting a new GOT-related thread, but I’m avoiding spoilers…

On face value it looks like you can take out a 10 day free trial with Foxtel Now, binge on S8, then cancel before the 10 days is up.

Considering I will never knowingly give Rupert a red cent, this seems like a good option.

Anyone tried this? Am I missing something?

Used to be a two week free trial.
Not sure what current arrangement is. If you think you can get through 8 seasons in 2 weeks go for it.
Make sure once you sign up you cancel straight away.
Good luck

I’m up to date, so just after the current season.

I heard a rumour you might be able to stretch it out a bit, using different email addresses and bank accounts each time.



Not free but you can get season 8 now for $19.95 on Google Play. I would be streaming that via chromecast to my TV right now if my sneaky son hadn’t nicked off with it to his mates house.

@Gnik did u do it?


This “alleged” strategy doesn’t work on ■■■■ products like Telstra TV devices. It stops you from trying a 2nd account.



Did you use a different name?

Maybe when your trial ends, and you’re still not convinced, your wife / partner could get a trial. Then, maybe your sister or brother wants a trial…

Hmmm. My plan was to set up an account / free trial on my laptop, then login to the app on my Telstra TV using these credentials (as opposed to using the Redeem Offer option on Telstra TV). Did your ‘friend’ try this?

That should work fine. Aim to watch season 8 within the two week trial and should be all rosy.

@Paul_Peos It was my third trial. I think my issue was that this was the first one watching through Telstra TV. Previous were on a laptop so wasn’t the same issue. I am also with Telstra for internet so maybe there was a further check done through the Telstra TV device.

Not sure.