Great forum, well done!


Guys, I’m not an Essendon supporter but I do love the game.

Heads up: it’s a 2 minute job to create a dynamic redirect, so that visitors to the old home page:
are taken straight to:

Get your web guy to look up htaccess, it’s easy from there.
If he cannot do it, get him to call me.

Then there is contact you

The link on this page is dead:

Now I understand it’s a forum but to require every person to register just to contact you is not doing you any favours.
Get web guy to create a simple form to email protected by a capatcha
Job done

Go Tigers




What a helpful and informative individual.

He should PM @Mendozaaaa






If it’s too much trouble to register then maybe this forum will be too difficult for you to handle.









Habib plz.

Can we please let bon Sherman have a rant at this?


informative, smart and polite. you have no place here…


I’m confused.


I think we should upload a C3po with an R2D2 modulator.


Good thing he didn’t get trolled by the bad word filter…he may have really had some serious feedback for the web guy.


So the crux of this post is that blitz is a sham to get people through the door of tomoro?


If my team had won a premiership after 37 years I’d also be checking for websites which need a dynamic redirect.


I think the Tiger guy is actually referring to the “web dude”

The life and times of Riolio. Its all here: