Grimesy and Jonesy New Deesy Co-Captainy's

Annouced early today on SEN


Far outy! Roosey's gone twosies againy.

wasn't grimesy already a co-captain

Not surprised-y :wink:

Had to laugh when I saw the thread title, immediately knew what it was.

Jonesy deserves to be captainy only one who gave a shity last year

Roos first choice was Goodsey.

Roos first choice was Goodsey.

Kirky set to be privately seething

“That’s the man who’s in charge of our football club? It boggles the mind!”

“It’s best not to think about it.”

One of the better eps

Pendlebury new captain too. Will be announced shortly.

Get Trengrove!  The kid will blossom at a new environment & now that he's no longer a captain it has to increase the chances of getting him to a new club.  I guarantee others are sniffing.