Guess the location (a new game)


Close, between both guesses


Redang it is then




Looks great, as do all those islands up the East Coast.
Must go sometime.

This will probably be quick.
For bonus Blitzcoins, in addition to the city, also name the major nearby attraction.


I’d guess somewhere in New York

For the Blitzcoins I’d say near Brooklyn bridge

(NB. Haven’t been to New York. Have watched Law and Order.)


Georgetown Penang?


Is that supposed to be a young Lou Reed?


Fairly certain it’s in Paris not far from Notre-Dame



Who it’s of, I mean.


Self portrait I believe


Right city, but no bonus Blitzcoins.
Let’s keep it going for a while & see if anyone knows the major attraction adjacent to this mural.


Ah, trying to think what was near it. We have walked past the area several times on the way to Notre-Dame. His artwork is all done on stencils. I do know that it’s at the Stavinski square and there is garish fountain next to it


Who’s the artist?


Don’t know his real name but goes under the name Jeff Aerosol. Is pretty famous in Paris for his street art


Reckon you’ve earned the Blitzcoins with all that. It’s next to the Pompidou centre.

@Aceman, hit us up with more Central Asian obscurities.



Too easy.


Yeah, easy one


Please have another go