Guess the location (a new game)


What “significant events of the latter half of the 20th C.” happened in those caves?


They were home to thousands of Pathet Lao during the Vietnam war


Second Indochina wars (Secret war, Vietnam). Those caves apparently housed some top ranked Pathet Lao generals etc, who were ultimately successful in securing control of the country. You probably know that the US was unsuccessful in Laos as it was in Vietnam, despite the unprecedented amount of explosives dropped there (still, I believe, the ‘heaviest bombing campaign in history’). When I was there in 2001-2, US military were in that area still looking for their dead, as part of a ‘full accounting’ mission. And never mind that the locals were still clearing land mines everywhere.


Not just the generals, up to 23,000 civilians.


Was talking about that particular cave. Don’t think it was quite that big.



Kho something?


No kho


Lindeman island sure went to seed!




Nup, not in the Pacific


Sri Lanka was my next guess?




Getting closer


Batu Ferringhi beach area in Penang


Right country


Tioman Island, Malaysia?


Getting very warm


Just counting down the islands now -
Perhentian Islands


Looks a little like KK area