Guess the location (a new game)


Can I have a 50/50? :thinking: I will guess Portugal or Laos?


DMZ ON Korean border.


Yes, just outside of Dandong, China.
A sneaky photo across the Yulu river


Oi @tinhillterror!
Where’s the bladdy pic?


Dang was going to be my next guess. :sunglasses:


You gotta post a pic for us to get guess the location Champ :wink:.

What do we do if he doesn’t come up with the goods? :worried:



Sanga has asked a good question. The OP should introduce a rule for recalcitrant winners to respond with a new pic within X hours or someone else can take their option.

@tinhillterror has been AWOL for 14 hours now so post a pic or hand on the baton.


Springfield? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@tinhillterror gone AWOL.
@Albert_Thurgood you are up.


Thanks Gnik!

Here is the next photo on my phone - if anyone names the location, bonus BB points for nominating the building it is photographed from.


Ok, sorry dudes, can I jump back in? Couldn’t recall posting an answer.

How about something a little less exotic…


Well that’s a bit awkward. Two pics at once is going to get messy.
So I think we should keep going with @Albert_Thurgood’s pic since it was posted first.
Save yours for another time.


I see a fishing boat, a fringing reef & a party balloon.
No idea really.
Is it in Orstralia?


Dang! I think I recognise @tinhillterror 's pic.

Anyway, may as well start the ball rolling on @Albert_Thurgood 's by guessing Great Keppel Island




@Gnik - yes, you got AUS right!

@The_New_Coleman: no, sorry

@Benny40: no, sorry


Matilda bay @ Crawley beach?


No. Not a bad guess, but that would have the Perth skyline in it.


Narrowing it down then - is it in WA?