Guess the location (a new game)


Tick, obviously…
Fantastic city… would love to go back one of these days…

No I haven’t seen the movie - I’ll look out for it.


It was the longest running foreign film at the Christchurch Arts centre.



At work so sorry if I don’t reply quickly


That’s The Theatre Royal in Castlemaine.


That certainly is. :+1:


K then.
Where the hell is this -


Tongariro crossing ?


Yep. It’s like a game of tennis in here today!
High point of Tongariro Crossing below Mt Ngauruhoe (AKA Mt Doom)…


Great city.


Great photo!

Wild stabs:


Great city for photography.
Your up @BAAKKEERRRR :wink:


OK, this one’s not particularly scenic… but the contents are very specific to where it was taken (I’ll point out that this is not my photo - though I do have one identical to it…)


Having done that trip numerous times I’m very confident its the Shanghai Maglev from the airport



Travelling at 431 km/h is quite spectacular. Our group of 20-odd was challenged by our tourguide on the to & from journeys to try and get a photo of the opposite-bound train (the boom of which you can hear approaching for a good 5-ish seconds beforehand) at the track midpoint. Even with burst mode, only one of us managed it and even then only a tiny bit of it was visible in the shot.


Quick one


Part of the India/Pakistan border?


I think @BAAKKEERRRR has it.

Is it the flag lowering ceremony?


Wait for confirmation or otherwise, but I’m out of photos (and/or inspiration) - someone else is welcome to have a crack…


Yes the border crossing at Wahga-Attari.
About 30km outside of Amritsar and about the same to Lahore
Both countries have built stadiums so people can watch the changing of the guard.
Was a little unnerving for Mrs Ace as both sets of crowds taunt each other across the fence and it gets quite willing.


One more from me then.

Big part of out history this one.