Guess the location (a new game)


Yeah, you guys should take it to PM…





Correct but can you name the ridge?


The nek?


Not quite - naked after an Egyptian landmark


“Not quite - naked after an Egyptian landmark”

Words often autocorrect to those you use regularly, you saucy beast.


ok the Sphinx

No photos on my phone worth putting up so (assuming that’s right) someone put one up…


Correct - the Gallipoli cliffs.
They never had a chance once they lost the element of surprise on that first morning.
A ridge too far.


I can finally identify one but miss out due to timezone differences. Bugger.


Have a go @Albert_Thurgood.
No one else is putting up a photo.


Thanks Mackster

In the interests of a quick game is a happy game, (and this is the only photo I can find on my laptop ATM) here is this one.

Obviously the text shows the region, but don’t use Arabic translation to get the location. Should be pretty easy without that.

If not the exact location, the road between where and where else will do.


I think it’s the Dubai to Abu Dhabi Hwy


Correct. A Day at the Camel Races.

I thought it would be too easy for the likes of you, Aceman.


Hope you had a better driver than us. The Emirates CD that picked us up in Abu Dhabi to take us to Dubai sat on about 150km/h whilst smoking like a train, texting on his phone and treating the highway as a slalom track. I haven’t been to a camel race in Dubai, was it fun?



Brisbane? Big plaza in front of city hall.

(Though I don’t recall tall buildings behind it)


Brisbane Town Hall from King George Square



Hint: I didn’t see the sun for a week in this country. Going south helped immensely.


It’s not Brisbane Town Hall, is it?
Does the location sound like a sneeze?