Guess the location (a new game)


I’m pretty sure we were discussing this city in the travel thread awhile ago.
If so yes the sun is a luxury there


City name starts with a Z. For a provincial museum the very modern design caught me out.


I should have added that I do know the city but will let others have a go.
And yes a pretty impressive museum


Zhengzhou? They have some pretty impressive architecture there, though I did not see their museum.


Correct, Goodthur. Photo taken in 2006.




Thank you.


Looks like Multnomah falls in Oregon


Very good.

Here is the rest of the falls.


The give away was that you didn’t crop out the bottom of the arch bridge.

I’m at work so someone else can have a go, although I will stick in a photo later on today when I get home, even if it is out of sync with another photo from someone else


Should be pretty easy for a certain states blitzers


Is that the wine centre in Adelaide?


Is it where the UFO crashed near pine gap?


Close but not quite


Is it something ELSE in Adelaide that the Howard govt squandered taxpayers’ money on to make unpopular people like Vanstone and Pike popular?


Not sure of it’s history but you are in the right place!


Adelaide Bot Gardens?


^I thought it was, but I didn’t see any other modern structures there apart from the NWC.


It’s in the Botanical gardens.
It’s the Bicentennial Conservatory


OK you win I suppose. (I was totally guessing)