Guess the location (a new game)


No, and not an evocative name.

Wow. a place Aceman hasn’t been!

That should be another clue - rules out 95%of the world :wink:


I’ve spent a lot of time in the Philippines but it doesn’t look like any scenery I’ve seen


Oops. I see there was some ambiguity in my reply to AN10.

He asked if Pinatubo was in Philippines or Indonesia.

I said that it [i.e. Pinatubo] was in Philippines.

But the next sentence meant that the picture I posted was not of a landscape in the Philippines




No. Another clue: Northern hemisphere.


Based entirely on your last clue

Sicily…lava fields near Mt Etna?



OK, another clue: in N Americas.


Michoacán, Mexico?




Mt St Helens?


Closest geographically so far - but not Mt St Helens.


If it’s West coast - is it at a Butte somewhere?

Black Butte?


No, no buttes about it.


Big Obsidian Flow in Oregon or Boring Lava Field in California?


I was waiting for JR to come through with his military grade image analysis :wink:

Yes lava is involved, but not in either of those states.


Hell’s Half Acre in Wyoming?


El Malpais New Mexico


Neither of those states. Between JR’s last two of OR and WY. That should give it to you.


Craters of the Moon, Idaho?


Yes. Kudos if you got that without googling!