Guess the location (a new game)


I googled the Oregon, California & Wyoming ones, however, I was aware of Craters from a company I was invested in years ago who held potash tenements in Idaho.

I’ll kick this back to @Gnik to have a go & fire up the thread again.


And why not…(though I’m travelling ATM, so may be less vigilant than usual).
Anyroad, where be this?


Lord Howe?








Phu Quoc?




No to all.
Tahini is closest.


Tahini… in the Eastern Mediterranean by any chance?


Sounds like everyone is having a dip here.


Or is that too close to hom-mus?..


Not Fiji


Is it Raro?


Yep, Rarotonga it is.
You are up.


Raro - relaxation as soon as you step off the plane.
Did you do the walk across the island over the peak in the background?

Easy one here - not my photo but similar to one I’ve taken. Have just made a fresh start at sorting my digital photos as they were a mess - so no images on my phone. My digital collection is now more of a mess than my shoeboxes full of actual photos. One day I’ll sort them!



Death Valley?


Bryce Canyon? but not the standard viewing point?


Just googled Bryce Canyon - serious rock formations going on there


Not quite - All in the general vicinity but these towers are very specific to this place. Your about 5 hrs drive from Bryce