Guess the location (a new game)

Ok, let me try and narrow this down - is it on Venus?

No, but good try - it does look like a scene from science fiction.

Is it a driveway ready to accept a concrete-pour?

Bomb_Doe’s driveway waiting to be watered?

I’ve seen that sort of grow light used on many European soccer pitches

Looks a bit like the landscape around Masada actually


Lego Masters Stadium?

It’s whatever that soccer stadium is near the tennis center that has honeycomb over it.

Ajax home stadium - Amsterdam Arena?

You guys are getting closer. TNC literally closer.

Here is a wider angle shot. I am sure everyone here knows the place now - even though they never knew this was what happens there during the week.

Oh, I missed this not being solved. 4 April 2018 is one of many dates to show their use in nearmap:


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Is that the MCG?

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Yes. And here’s a more active shot at Docklands on 9 August 2017:

The SCG 44 days ago:

I’m not sure if that was the MCG or not. Here’s a photo anyway:

Has to be ANZ stadium with those green seats?

p.s. Or Allianz Stadium (definitely looks like this one).

Oops, DJRs yes made me think I had the next go.

You do have the next go (it seems DJR did not want to claim it).