Guess the location (a new game)


Damn it…I didn’t notice that until I enlarged the pic…even then I had no idea if it helped until I googled it.

Go for it if you know it though.


It’s definitely Russia (from the architecture), however, I haven’t been there, so I’ll let someone else guess the city.


Someone needs to straighten that dome…


Hmmm…I guess I better answer this one.

It’s Saint Petersburg


Try this one:


That looks absolutely incredible. I wish I’d seen those pics 3 weeks ago as I will be in Scotland in July but have a full itinerary now. Next time.


Take plenty of warm clothes, even in July


The Far North, and Winter is Coming.
Or Iceland.


It is Iceland…I was hoping for a bit more of a specific answer but given how slow this thread has been, you can have a go.

It is Reynisfjara Beach


@Deckham you are up (unless this thread has run its race (which is fine)).


Hopefully this works. Not sure how popular this place is with people around here.


Has Blummers hacked Deck’s account, or vice versa?


Always suspected that Decks had a second a/c. Ha. :laughing: Thread has been on life support, so I reckon leave it stand.

Looks like a great spot, Blummers, but has me stumped.

@Gnik - perhaps relax it to places punters wanna visit (if punters have run out of actual places they have visited). Not as fun, but could keep the game alive and be fun - as some may have visited the desired destination and segue it in with the travel thread for additional travel tips, etc.


Oh ■■■■!
Wrong account!


Sure…we believe you…we really do


Fine by me. Pics of anywhere, taken by anyone, whether you have been there or not.


OK, can’t miss this opportunity… this is right outside the venue I am at today.

[Sorry if low res]



My photo above is of Avalon on Catalina Island off the California Coast.
If people ever want to get there, there is a pier at Dana Point between LA and San Diego that can get you there.


Is it Marvel Stadium


No. but good guess.