GWS Giants travel thread - 24th March 2019

Heading up there, will spend the weekend at my brothers. I’m sorry guys, but I never sit behind the goals! Wing all day, every day for me. :slight_smile:

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Side question: what’s the away end at Adelaide Oval?

The one with the hill, that’s where general admin is at adelaide oval.

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I confirm the front row is still available one bay off our goal face in Adelaide, then.

Northern (hill) end

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So anyone else suddenly feeling like going up there may be a stupid move? :frowning:


Nope - looking forward to it. I’ve been following footy for nearly 50 years and can’t remember the pre-season ever being a significant indicator of how a team’s going to perform in the season proper. Actually, if I were to be completely honest, teams that perform well in the pre-season tend not to do well in the main season so I suppose it is an indicator in a reverse sort of a way. Not saying that I know whether we’ll win or lose, just that our pre-season form does not make me pessimistic.

Three important things came out of the past few days:

  1. Hookesy’s injury
  2. We got through JLT2 unscathed
  3. GWS confirmed that Callan Ward won’t play

As much as Hooker’s a gun, so is Callan Ward, so 1 cancels 3. All in all I’m feeling pretty positive.


Umm, we won the preseason in 1990, 1993 and 2000…

In 2011 when we were runner-up we made finals. It seems to be a pretty damn good indicator for us!

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Well yeah, and Brisbane played off against FCFC in the most recent pre-season cup (2013). And look at last year’s JLT results. It’s all a bit of a statistical grab bag - we could selectively trade results till the cows came home. Tell you what, I’ll go to the game with hope in my heart and you go there fearing the worst and I’ll catch you at the end for a celebratory/commiseratory beer.


I’ll be travelling, to Tasmania (Devonport). Does anybody know if the game will be broadcast on 7 mate?

I am in Richmond (NSW), about one hour away from Sydney for work for the weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t finish until 2.30-3pm, so I’ll miss the first half, hopefully not the third quarter.

I’ll be driving a rental car, does anyone know where a good place is to park the car at the stadium? Sydney Showground website says I should pre-book parking ($25) for a major event. Not if the game counts as one? Anyway, any suggestions appreciated!

Hey! There are a bunch of things going on at Olympic Park this weekend - all the hotels are booked up - so while we may not be classed as a major event, it may be worth prebooking…

Having said that, I think two major events happened tonight - Michael McIntyre & a big festival.

If you are a Telstra mobile customer you can get it free on AFL Live

Not going anywhere thanks to Tigerair!!!
Cancelled 6.45am flight. Next seat available 3.30pm!!! ‘Operational issues’!!!
Second time by Tiger. That’s it. Line thru them.
Effing hopeless


Didn’t Carlscum fill their kitchen cabinet one year with the pre season cup & the wooden spoon??

There’s an NRL game on at ANZ stadium too which kicks off about 4pm
If I drive I usually park at one of the stations on the western line and catch the train to Olympic Park
Parking is usually a nightmare around the precinct with rangers trying to fill their quota

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So, is there a chance we will outnumber them at their own ground ?
Or do they fork out $$$ for rent a crowd?

Just arrived in Sydney and feel Iike a kid on Xmas day. Dons by 20+


Been in Sydney since Friday. I’m the only bloke wearing an Essendon polo in the city (an afl one even…)

Big day ahead. Stringer and Smack to kick 3+ each. Dons by 24


FYI, game day tickets include public transport on trains to the match, so you don’t need an opal.

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