GWS Giants travel thread - 24th March 2019

GWS Giants vs Essendon
Sunday 24th March 3:20pm
Spotless Stadium

Taking on the Orange 'n Charcoal at their home ground. Hopefully we can reprise last year’s excellent performance.

I’m heading up with Humberta and a mate the day before and all three of us are Spotless virgins. Any recommendations for seating?


Seriously considering this too. Tickets are on sale now?

HH, us NSW Bombers usually gather at the northern concourse end of the ground under the big scoreboard
Has the added benefit of being only a few metres walk from the bar
NSW Bombers supporters group generally have some kind of pre match gathering at one of the nearby waterholes & when confirmed where that is, I’ll post the info here on BB


Cheers, I am also heading up for a long weekend and a pre-game beer would be ideal. For those in the know, can you train it from the Central Coast? Also, will we need to pre-purchase tickets?

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Bewdy. I’ll head down that end for a bevvy with the locals then.

@Robin_Close I’ll probably buy tickets in advance even though I’m sure they’ll be available at the gate. I can’t seem to find much info about where/when to buy them. Thought they were on sale today but apparently not.

I brought mine today. general admission thru ticketmaster

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We’ll be there.
All booked now that the tickets are up. They weren’t on TM this AM but all good now.
See you there!


I am there, going up to Sydney for the weekend.

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Get your Opal cards for the train, best way to get out there.

Change trains at Lidcombe, easy

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Going up with a mate and his two kids. Never been to Spotless before. Tickets in bay 251. Plane gets in around 11.00am so will be keeping my eyes open for recommendations for a beer and meal in the general region of the ground.

Were attending from Hobart! Tickets also in bay 251!

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Done. Even have adult opals if anybody needs.[quote=“Tombob, post:9, topic:15115, full:true”]
Get your Opal cards for the train, best way to get out there.

Change trains at Lidcombe, easy

Try again.
I have 2 adult opals if anybody needs them.
I use my concession opals.

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All of them.


What parts of the ground do the $25 general admission tickets get you access to? The map of the stadium is useless and just shows a whole lot of similar coloured areas with different classes. The best I can make out implies general admission is behind the goals only. Is this correct?

As posted previously, seating at this point in time is never really an issue at spotless, they don’t get the numbers to fill it. Northern end behind the goals, under the main scoreboard is where the Bombers Cheer squad members who make the trip up sat last year. I’ll also be there. And @HarryJay, general admission will get you seats there

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I spoke to a Collingwood supporter last night who has been, said general admission gets you “just about anywhere”, bars about 30m apart, its like going to the country footy!

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I’ll be heading up for this game too, keen to see spotless stadium. Just booked general admin tickets, $25 pp, i looked the other day and there were some good $35 options for seats which disappeared so i’d get in soon. I heard spotless can take a pretty long time to get to on the train, iv’e hired a car because my mate up there reckons there are plenty of parking options close to the stadium :+1:

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Yep spot on. Just get GA and go pretty much wherever you want. Also, for those with little-uns’, every Adult ticket purchased gets you 4 kids tickets so it’s a cheap day at the footy

I bought premium tickets on the wing for $62 each (we are a group of 7) so I wanted to secure seats. It’s one less thing to think about on the day (and have to round up the troops for)