Half of Victoria in for Days long Blackout?

A cheap $60 petrol geni will power a fridge on a tank of fuel for a few hours. I have used mine to power my water transfer pump to get the shower happening and keep the phone charged as well as keeping the fridge running in previous long power outages. It is a PITA without power for an extended period of time. I feel sorry the people who lost their houses and cars in the last 24 hours. I hope there is some sort of government assistance to help these poor people out.


We’ve been told the same (Wantirna). I think Ausnet are using “Sunday” as a default catch all.

I was called out to Uni Hill shopping centre tonight, half the center had been without power since last night. I rang the Ausnet fault line to see if they had something logged against a substation fault, entered the postcode and got a computer voice telling me it would be restored on Sunday. Power came on as I was waiting for an operator…

Its a bit weird being at home , zero lighting or power for two or three blocks but everyone either side is living normally, lol.


I agree with you Blummers32 . September 2016`s rain and floods were probably close to a 1 in 100 year event ,but it was quite substantially worse than the last 2 days ,i can tell you. I witnessed it and saw the aftermath.

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Gid you mean $600?

If not, I’d be very keen to know where you get $60 gennys …?? :thinking:


It was around that time I asked a hydraulics engineer that we’ve finally had that one in a hundred year flood they’ve been designing to.
He said that wasn’t close enough to the threshold.

That’s probably the worst I’d experienced, so I’d be happy not to see what a one in a hundred year flood looks like.
But we are having more ‘wilder’ weather events than normal each year.

We are quite lucky. Thankful as well with a 20 week old at home…

Our street in Croydon has power, everything right of us towards Mooroolbark is cooked, and by cooked I mean my mother is now staying with us as it was 15 degrees at her place in Mooroolbark without power.


If there is any humour to be had, Ausnet website states that it cancelled today’s planned power outages.


There isn’t much. Emergency services are equiped for imminent threats to life and property, not really built for recovery logistics. Councils may do relief centers at schools and town halls. SES will cut trees and cover damaged roofs, but they’ll be triaging jobs and doing the barest minimum so they can move onto the next issue.

Might be financial assistance if the government gets guilt tripped into it. But generally when ■■■■ hits the fan it is up to you to work your own situation as best you can.

I’ve seen them for about $80 on Amazon and Alibaba but no idea if they are even the slightest bit good or not.

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Got a friend with a holiday place in Balook and he joined our zoom catch up this arvo - he’s got a generator and a chain saw so he was doing ok. But yeah the area got hammered.

Mother nature certainly likes to show who’s in control.

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Volunteer in the Sale area said that Covid restrictions prevented them from having evacuation centres, so they are mostly doing home placements for Traralgon and the like.
Great Alpine Road and a few in Gippsland closed today - regionals may not get to ski fields ( but they have a special Covid package from the State Government)

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I wish I had a Ute during these events, I’d be collecting firewood like a madman.


Easy! Tarp in the boot.

Relly in Emerald told no power til Tuesday. Welcome to the dark ages.

Are the liberals/Murdochs blaming renewables yet?

Here’s hoping for a speedy restoration.


True that

No idea where i bought it ,but it was a long time ago and cost me $60.
Similar to this , but a cheaper brand and it is surprising how well it worked.
Seriously , it does run a fridge for hours on end.

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Yeah nah. You’re out in sodden conditions. You can’t really do it on public roads. Green is easier to split for a month or so, but then you need 1-2 years of drying out, so you need storage area…

I guess if the emergency guys have cut it and you can store it though…

Sunday? My goodness that’s horrible.


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