Half of Victoria in for Days long Blackout?

So we have been without power down here since about 9 o’clock last night, and rumours abound on times to get back from 4 hours to 4 days. Gippsland got absolutely smashed last night, About a thousand trees down, and rivers flooding that haven’t for decades. yet there hasn’t been one mention of it here. I have to assume most affected can’t post, as Optus is down, and even those on Telstra can’t access mobile internet.

Handy thing having a little generator, but there are a hell of a lot of people that are currently back in the dark age.


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Most people haven’t reported they were killed by ManBearPig in a pink tutu, either.


P.S. It actually has been mentioned here.


Glad to hear that you’ve got a generator.

Absolutely feel for those without any option at the moment.


Ours was out at midnight and came back on at about 1730. Worked most of the day on my laptop battery and tethering to my phone.

The worst is not having water (underground tank). Definitely need to invest in a genny.

Hope those without power get back online soon, it’d be damn chilly without heating tonight!


@BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS have you got a socket in your meter box you can feed in to, or just running a lead inside??

Constantly on ABC radio and TV including pressers and interviews with those in Sale etc , but if you are without power or conserving it …
Dandenongs and Macedon Ranges ( including safe water) also badly hit, but less so by floods

I’m pretty well set up for these events, Gas cooktop (tick) woodheater, Instant gas HW, a handful of LED lamps/torches. and always keep 2 12 v deep cycle batts on trickle charge JIC, and a 1200 watt inverter for them, which is powering phone modem laptop and TV, … Just running leads from the genny to the fridges and freezer.


Mum and Dad have been without power since 10:30 last night and it’s not due to be fixed until Sunday. I’m very fortunate that aside from a brief drop-out of my wi-fi internet ive been unaffected…

No power for 22 hours now and the tree across the lines in the next steet hasn’t been touched yet.

Is this our yearly “once in every hundred years” event?


Spoke to a paramedic today. They had ambulances go to jobs and then got locked in by fallen trees over the driveway behind them.

Good luck mate.

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Still no power on here in the Dandenong Ranges. It is forecast to be down until Sunday. There are a lot of very very big trees down over powerlines. I can’t post photos as the internet is too tenuous. No NBN any more, and therefore no landline phone, since the backup batteries on the nodes went flat. I think power to the mobile towers is also struggling as the 4G keeps dropping out.

Friend of a friend has had their house cut in two and flattened. A lot of trees in my backyard and the neighbours - in fact their is a narrow line of damage like a tornado came through. Carnage everywhere.

We at least still have gas - some areas nearby have lost that too as uprooted trees have damaged the pipes.

Personally we are fine, we have a generator to get the essentials running.

But Ausnet have had 200k premises without power, and had to pull out crews until lunchtime due to safety after a truck was crushed whilst the crew were responding to an incident. Which is completely understandable.


■■■■, that’s terrible. Best of luck to you and yours.

Just saw all the damage on 7pm News, very fortunate not to have more than just the one death. It really has been a proper once in 100 years type event.

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Last time was two decades ago

Hope they can get you back on the grid asap. Good luck.


Best wishes to you bomberblitzers!

May you get power back as quick as Hind is over 100m.


I don’t think we’re experiencing 1 in 100 year flood events. It’s actually quite a fair bit of rain to reach that.
We have been experiencing 1 in 50 year flood events more often. Probably not every year, but every few years.

Friend in Croydon just told us they have been told they are probably without power until Sunday.