Half time vs the Cats changes for Essington Vs Flat track Bullies…

Out: Weidaman
In; Voss

Outside of that - who cares!!!

Tracking beautifully

No changes


Kind to Bryan, for mine.

Dogs are gonna pump us next week

We should start the post game thread already. Does it really matter what the final margin is to start reviewing?

Parish will get a week. Weideman needs to be dropped.

OUTS - Parish, Weideman, Bryan
INS - Phillips, Voss, Cox

Enjoy the belting

OUT: Weid, Stringer (inj/managed)
IN: Phillips, Voss

Play the two rucks. Bryan has had a crack and will go ok vs English. Phillips provides more of a contest fwd than Weideman. Keeps 2MP forward

Stringer is not right. Play a fit and desperate player. Voss

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We’re playing an intro club next week?

Actually prefer this. Bryan has tried tonight. And showed more up forward than Weed. Keep him in.

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I’d like to see Voss, Walla and Flip in.
In reality it will be Flip, Shiel and Hind or something uninspiring.
Hope we only
Play Geelong once next year, this capitulating crap could at least be limited to a once a year event.


What for? That tackle?
I turned it off but Darcy seemed to be right off his game (not the lone ranger).
We’re not
Making the 8, the dogs will end our season.

Baldwin, Montgomerie, Voss, Wanganeen, Davey, Walla, Tsatas all in

Out: weideman, Stringer then draw straws

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What for?

The tackle


It would be a typical Essington coaching display to keep Weid in and shift him to the backline in place of resting someone like Lav :face_vomiting:

Christian will be salivating over that parish tackle… guaranteed a week

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That’s what I think too

Meh who gives a ■■■■ anymore

Been a number getting off of late

Bruhn’s arm not pinned. Gets up straight away.

Might be ok