Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 5000th day since our last finals win with no signs that things will change anytime soon


That’s ■■■■■■■ depressing

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Happy anniversary everybody! Wowee thats some sort of record. Do any of the stat nerds know the team with the longest drought without a finals win. Hell if we’re close, may as well chase the record to give me something to cheer for in the next few years.

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Club should brand it.

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And they let nearly half the comp contest finals every year. Sigh.

Wow. That calls for a celebration of a goon bag followed me sleeping on the sidewalk.

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Special commemorative jumper with all the names of essendon players that never played in a winning final since printed on it.


Maybe talent that we’ve burnt & retrospective picks we’ve missed could go on the sash?

so who have been the constants since then?

promote 'em of course!!

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Like the idea in principle but are we going to be able to fit everybody’s name on there.


Oh man. Can we at least try to stop looking for more sh*t to be depressed about?


Here’s to another 5,000. Can’t wait to see what the next 14 years have in store!

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Imagine how good it’s going to feel when we eventually win one!

“If I had a dollar for every day since we won a final”

This milestone needs a flash mob to really get the tone right.

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look, i’ll give us something, at least we’re consistent.


It took 14 seasons, but eventually Hurley became skinny.