Happy New Premiership Year


Happy New Year David J Richardson


Happy New Year from the Sunny Coast - May 2019 bring :rofl::two_hearts::clinking_glasses::rainbow::beers::trophy::heart::black_heart:


Tried to entertain guests last night and dived into pool forgetting the blower was in my pocket.
Rice did not save this one. In fact it got hot in the packet and started to cook the rice as the water leached out.
True story.


Rooted phone stories are no way to usher in the new year.

“Please listen to the following options;

Press 1 to make a claim”


Fair dinkum? You took the battery out, yeah?


House and contents?



Happy new year




Took the young uns to the basketball last night…

My niece was not happy I didn’t buy her a CC.

Happy new year, mofos!


Heh - I’ve been on the CC’s for a few days now…


Chucked more times in one day than I have in three years. What a ■■■■■■■■.


You did it right