Happy New Premiership Year


Have yourselves a ripping night tonight Blitzers, and get prepare yourself for glory in 2019.

We’re going to win it. I feel it, in my already half-drunk bones.

Go Dons.


I hope I’m fast asleep at midnight.


Happy New Year from the wims.


I’d like to be fast asleep at midnight, but the unusually large numbers of parties/music around my place suggests that I better settle in for a long night.

Oh well. GnT and champers should keep me going for a bit.

Happy 2019, May it be what we want it to be.


Fuckity ■■■■ to you too @wimmera1 Have a good one.


Start work at 4am tomorrow so will long asleep by midnight. Have a safe and happy new year everybody.

Oh and Fark Carlton


Happy new year.

Here’s a little disco Barry Manilow to bring in the new year.


I do love the fact that stupid joke became a thing.

Anyway back to the beers


Awesome - we’re going to make it a double when we win in 2019 too!
Happy New Year all.


Happy New Year to all Blitzers and Bomber fans everywhere!

I for one am daring to hope.


Happy New Year, jerks.


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year at the appropriate time tonight, but if I did that, the majority of you would have been asleep for about two hours, so I’ll do it now. Have a great time tonight, be safe and taxi or Uber if your going out, I want you all back next year to revel in the glory that will be the Mighty Bombers in 2019.


I’ve already told my wife not to expect me for a few days should we win a flag anytime soon. Will be a Fkg epic bender. Tonight however, a low key event. Likely won’t leave the house, quiet beer and if I last that long, will watch the fireworks on tv. Have a great but safe night blitzers!


To all Blitzers have a Happy and safe New Year.

Hoping for the best in 2019.


Happy new year blitzers. Low key night for me here.


Starting the drive back to Qld early tomorrow morning so won’t be seeing in the New Year

Hope everyone has a great and Happy 2019, whatever form that takes.

Fark Carlton for another year


Is Trolley man lifting his weight, or did you have to buy the beers again.


Happy new year Blitzpeople. Let’s hope 2019 is the year of the Bombers.

Lots to look forward too. Stay safe, be kind.

Go bombers, fark Carlton.

From dusty Dubbo.


I’ll be checking out your dust storm later today or tomorrow morning!


Good morning & Greetings 2019.

You better live up to expectations you barstard.