Harley Balic

Could come cheap. I like him as an inside mid. Some personal issues that meant he had to come back to Victoria to spend time with family.

Without knowing anything about the personal issues that he’s going through, I don’t see why not.

Home sick and anxiety if you believe what you read. If he was cheap he’d be worth considering.

He has been good for my dream team, so i would be happy for Dodoro to sniff about and see if there is a possibility of him coming to the dons. Not sure if the Dockers will trade with us after we get fyfe as a free agent.


Was dominating WAFL before he came into senior side and had a few good games before the time away (homesickness etc).

Wouldn’t be against it.

We do have some experienced fringe WA players could send back their way.

Myers for balic?

Is this Windy Dill’s left Balic we are discussing here?


Hooker and our first pick (18) should get it done.


Hell yes!!!

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why bother? we’ve got our own talent to develop who are not guaranteed to make it - why try and pick up someone elses?

Never heard of him so he might be a good fit somewhere.


Heard through someone who coaches at peel thunder he has asked to go back to Victoria this trade period so it’s just a matter of where

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Depending on the health issues, yes.

Do we really need another not that quick mid/hff?

Because he’d be incredibly cheap, and if you delist 7 guys you don’t want to be using picks on later players. Plays a position we need, decently rated at draft time, been dominant at WAFL level. Seems a good idea to me.


He’s an outside mid though.
Never picked him as an inside mid.
Not overly quick but he isn’t exactly slow either. Not sure if his stamina is any good.

He’s sort of like the old school wingmen like Greg Anderson or Kieran Sporn. The modern equivalent would be Shaun Grigg or Brandon Ellis from Richmond.

If we get rid of all the ones we have, then probably still not

YOure the one who thinks T Mitchell is the greatest aren’t you?

YOure the one who thinks T Mitchell is useless aren’t you?

Pretty much a complete sheepdog.

They see Balic as ending up a pretty balanced mid. Where he plays his first handful of games doesn’t necessarily dictate where he ends up. I don’t mind him, for the right price. Nor do I really think we’ve got a strong stock of outside mids.