Have we given away our draft strategy?!

Sharp eyed officials suggested West Australian Ian Hill could be No.18, while Vic Metro King twins Ben and Max appear to be listed at No.5 and No.6.

Vic Country onballer Jye Caldwell appears to be the player listed at No.10.

Of course, this isn’t too likely to impact on who the Bombers are able to pick in the national draft. Thanks to the Shiel trade, their first selection is currently Pick 34.

so theyre aware that its not going to effect anything, but they wrote the story anyway. these journos are feckin clowns.


Jackets’ jacket is Hugo Boss.

Given his last two two trade periods it should be renamed The Boss.


Not the Hugo Boss who was the man behind the smart uniform the Nazi officers wore?

Caro’s next article…Bombers’ link to Nazi officialdom


You can’t read it anyway. Clubs saying they can are full of it.

so a story on the link between Essendon and the AFL…


It was just a list of all of Dodoros upcoming property investments

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It’s already in the PC thread

101 Bay St?

Because we don’t have an early pick it’s certainly not catastrophic, but I reckon it’s a bit amateurish

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Or maybe a bit of humour.
No way Dodoro doesn’t know that’s there.
I reckon he’s just having a chuckle.

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Was that Ben Silvagni at pick 34?


HUGOBOSS from Thailand

Wow Casey Sibosado top 5!

if you look at his account he had this one from 2016. Winding people up. But as for that shirt…

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That can’t be Adrian. Essendon has never owned a working fax machine.

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and he’s taking no calls either

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Who says it’s working?


I’ll get to the bottom of this!!


You would ■■■■■■ hope so, as otherwise its a monumental fark up, only saved by the fact we don’t have any early picks. In other circumstances it would be a sacking offence.

Only the fact it absolutely isn’t saves it from being something very serious.