Have you ever won anything?

competitions these days seems to be a bit of a data dredging exercise. But I’m always wondering does anyone even actually get a prize?

But have you ever won anything really cool? Money, cars, holidays? Maybe the Showcase Playoff in The Price is Right?

Deckham and Reboot are going to humblebrag the ■■■■ out of this thread.

No. Never. Not even a raffle or a Cup sweep.


I won a board game through my Dolomites vank account years ago.

Won a maths competition quiz on Bomber radio in the 90s

Won a few basketball trophies.

I won $5000 at a footy club raffle. Cost me $100 for the ticket.

Won a few things from runningheroes.com.au as well but mostly small stuff.

Has anybody won a bertocchi ham?

Has anybody won a bertocchi ham?


I won an early discman in an Arnotts Thins comp - find a 'lucky token in a bag - back in the very early 90’s.

Other than sporting trophy’s and a few pub trivia nights, ive tended to win very little.

Oh, actually, i did win a “best third year apprentice” thing but i didnt bother going to the presentation night so they gave it someone else.

Has anybody won a bertocchi ham?

In the woodchop?

Won a state-wide general knowledge comp run by Australian Natives Association when I was 15.

Got my Herald Learn to Swim certificate and nearly drowned afterwards.

And the team assembled from Bomber Blitz used to dominate at trivia (bugman, Koala, mcdav and a few others whose Blitz names I’ve forgotten - none of them post any more).

And we used to win the Windy Hill trivia comp time after time - missed once in 4 or 5 years.

And quite a few bowling trophies at my cricket club - got pipped for one batting trophy on the last afternoon.

I think I got recognition for best-ever rant at a seconds game a few years ago too.

I won a lego space station as a kid, in a competition where you had to send in a baked bean tin label.

As a somewhat older kid, me and a group of similarly nerdy mates swept the pool for academic awards at the end of year 12. The great majority of our group didn’t turn up to the end-of-year dinner thing where they handed the awards out (because holy god we hated that school and almost everyone in it), so the one friend of ours who DID show up accepted all the awards on our behalf and ended up sitting behind a pile of trophies higher than his head. Which was apparently pretty funny, if you were there to see it.

Four time best Australian Doctor Who fanzine (or editor thereof).

My missus got to the finals of one of those radio comps where you get given a front door key and then line up with 11 other trembling mugs hoping you win a flash show home and a chance to tell Westpac to shove their farken mortgage. Yeah, nah.

I haven’t won sh*t :#

Won a maths competition quiz on Bomber radio in the 90s

Won a few basketball trophies.

Whose trophies were they?

Cake raffle in grade 2

Won tickets to a Jethro Tull concert.
It was rigged.
DJ running it was a mate.

Won the meat tray at the Mt Beauty pub a couple of years ago. It just fit in the freezer of the cabin at the caravan park we were staying at. Managed to last the drive back to Melbourne and was devoured over the next couple of nights.

$1000, a suede jacket, and a trip to QLD from a radio station
Oh, and a TV from the club! we “recreated” the MJ/Sheeds/seagull incident :stuck_out_tongue: