Have your say on Essendon's Leadership.... (this SHOULD be a poll?)

Hi Everyone,

I’m conducting a short survey on the current and incoming leadership at Essendon!

If you are interested you can fill it out here: https://forms.gle/681MFHRwWF6grpMF9

It will take under 5 mins and you’d be helping me to find out what Bomber fans online think about the Captain, Coach, Coach in Waiting and the CEO - specifically their leadership credentials.

Once it’s all done I’ll put all the data in a presentation that should look something like these:

(with data that makes sense)

Results and will shared here in the coming days!

If you have any Essendon friends that aren’t on Blitz, feel free to pass it along, if you enjoy doing the survey, or think they will!

Thank you so much for taking the time and Go Dons.

Is there a Heath Hocking option?

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I’m not sure who should be in the leadership group because most players chse to turn up every other week and most don’t seem to care.

It’s in my OTHER survey, where the only criteria is BLEEDS RED AND BLACK

Let’s create another thread to argue about our shitness

Can you fill in for me please. I’ll make it easy, No to all of them.

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This is different, it’s a poll about how ■■■■ we are.