Hawthorn to get $20m in government funding if Labor win election


Hawthorn Football Club will receive $20 million in federal government funding for their new Dingley facility if Labor is elected on May 18.

The Hawks and Labor frontbenchers Anthony Albanese and Mark Dreyfus made the funding pledge on Wednesday at Hawthorn’s Dingley site, the Kennedy Community Centre.

An artist's impression of Hawthorn's new training base in Dingley.

An artist’s impression of Hawthorn’s new training base in Dingley.

The Hawks are seeking to raise well over $100 million for the huge Dingley site, which will become their new training base, replacing Waverley Park.

In announcing the funding, Albanese said it was based on community use, gender equal facilities and education spaces. It would provide a “regional home” for non-profit groups.

Dreyfus, the shadow attorney-general, is also the member for Isaacs, the area that includes the Dingley site. Albanese is shadow minister for infrastructure, transport, cities and regional development.

The Hawks, who have submitted their detailed Dingley plans to the city of Kingston council, are also seeking state government funding and are expected to ask for AFL assistance as well.

The club’s wealthy benefactor and ex-vice president Geoff Harris has committed a donation of $10 million for the Dingley site, which will have the Harris Elite Training and Administration Centre bearing his family name, while other wealthy backers also are set to contribute.

Albanese said the facility would provide “much needed gender equal football facilities”.

“A priority of the pavilion is the incorporation of a regional home for not-for-profit community organisations such as headspace and Deadly Choices,” Albanese said.

Hawthorn CEO Justin Reeves said the facility would enhance Hawthorn’s capacity to give back to the community.

“We are one club with several teams, and the Kennedy Community Centre will cater for all of our elite football teams, both male and female, as well as our netball and wheelchair teams within the same precinct as community sport.”

The new facility is planned to house an indoor stadium for local basketball, netball, volleyball and wheelchair football, with another two ovals for local community use. The facility is named after John Kennedy, the legendary coach who is regarded as the figure most responsible for the creation of the modern, successful Hawthorn.

Hawthorn are one of several AFL clubs to have received pledges from the Morrison government or the Labor opposition in recent weeks.

Collingwood gained a pledge of $15 million for a joint project with Monash (supported by the ALP), while Carlton, too, received $15 million from the government to establish their ground as a women’s football centre and the Brisbane Lions and Richmond also got the same amount from the Coalition government for their headquarters or new training bases, based partly on women’s football and in Richmond’s case, to house the Bachar Houli Foundation.

Surely they’ve had enough success to afford their own base without slugging the taxpayer for a handout?

This is in the politics thread.

you mean hidden in the politics thread. Surely AFL club handouts deserve a separate thread rather than being drowned in a million posts about franking credits.

Just mentioning :wink:


Don’t we have a promise from Labour to assist with the Tullamarine facility upgrade?

I did a tour of the Barcelona club facilities last week. While they are a great footy club with a magnificent stadium that seats 100,000 they have massive support programs that help all types of needy all over the world. They actually fund governments plans and seek out groups would need money to get them working.

So if Hawthorn, Collingwood, Essendon etc can utilise their facilities to support many groups then it is a very good thing.


Funny how Kennett said that the Tassie team needed to come up with their own money yet the Hawks still get* handouts from the government.

*though remember we were supposed to get some money for our move to tullamarine but the labour government reneged on that one


Labor spending money on Hawthorn?
:joy:. The Liberal party really is up the creek in Victoria.

I’m now voting Liberal.

Fark hawthorn.


The AFL certainly know how the reel in the biccies. It pays to have friends in high places.


We have received in different ways Government funding for our new facility.

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The AFL do not want a permanent team is Tassy. It is very much to do with coin.

Dingley is a funny name.

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Did the first 2 actually happen though?

True the 2nd one depends on the election

Looking through annual reports the club has received a number of Govt grants and grants from the Aust Sports Foundation.

2013 annual report showed Govt grants of $7,115,740 (2012) and $640,000 (2013)

for Aust Sports Foundation we got $3,972,633 (2017), $582,033 (2016), $904,899 (2015), $1,266,732 (2014)

Which is why it has been changed to Dingley Village, which, amongst its inhabitants, will have quite a few more village idiots when Whorethorn move there.


Must be a marginal seat.

[email protected] whorethorne.

What does Clive Palmer have to say about all this?

Yet we have a former Labor minister as chairman… How much are they giving us for our Tulla redevelopment?

Edit: just read Doe’s post. Significantly less than Hawthorn. Go figure.

Relax - he must be arranging something after all this time in office. After all, he declared he is the Perfect Man for the Job, remember?

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