Help with nbn connection, Telstra tv & Footy

Hope someone can help me - we’ve moved to a new unit which is nbn ready. (Qld) We have had Foxtel (dish) & wireless internet (small) previously. Telstra are offering unlimited data, Telstra tv + Foxtel now as a plan. So I guess you stream games not on free to air? Do you still need a satellite dish? (Our area would still require this for Foxtel). What would be the disadvantages of accessing Foxtel this way as opposed to separate plans?
Would really appreciate feedback from anyone who has gone down this path- not fussed about getting Foxfooty- just want to be able to watch & record Essendon games.

ive watched it, dont own it.(streamed foxtel)

the downside is just picture quality. its not as nice as over the air satellite or cable tv.

you can try foxtel online for a couple of weeks free. so i would just try before you buy.

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Thanks Vanders

As much as I loathe to give Murdoch a penny, … I found the Fuxtel Now hard to resist.

With the Doco pack it costs 40 per month, and for that, I get all the Sport, History & Discov channels, & a heap more, … currently watching Cricket in HD, (will report on Footy B/cast Qual tommorow), and I can take it with me wherever I go. (Watched Wanga game in a Cara Park Cabin via phone tethering on laptop)

They finally have a product in a price range I deem reasonable, and thus far at least, no complaints.


Thanks Vanders. I gather you’ll watch via foxfooty not the afl site. Be keen to hear about your picture quality. I also gather you don’t need a satellite dish? (Not very tech savvy!)

If you (or anyone for that matter) have a decent internet connection, you can sign up to the “Foxtel Now” thing this morning, for a free 2 week trial on it, and watch the game on laptop, or HDMI’d to your Telly through your browser this arvo too.

Free trial button’s at the top right.

Thanks- unfortunately haven’t connected internet yet- still on small wireless plan…but I am with Telstra so can watch on my phone… not great but better than nothing!

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no just an internet connection.

and you can put it on the tv if you buy one of these dongles called a ‘chromecast’ buy them really cheap from jb hi fi.

just ask the store attendent for a demo on how to get it to work.

handy cos you can play anything from your phone or computer onto your tv with one. or just use cables as mentioned.

i find the wireless chromecast is a good investment though.

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