Here's THE TEAM (now finalised) vs Giants #TipHart

Never mind.

Anyway, Sunday twilight vs an expansion team in rubbish weather. Lowest home game crowd at Etihad on the cards?

Nicholls and Pannell both umpiring tomorrow.
I'm feeling rather bullish about a decent showing today.
There's nothing decent about that.

(I will not be issuing an apology tomorrow.)

Nicholls and Pannell both umpiring tomorrow.

God damn, I thought we were a good thing until I read that.

I’m feeling rather bullish about a decent showing today.

Nicholls and Pannell both umpiring tomorrow.

Perfect storm


No hover hand there. That’s a tight embrace.


Langford and Edwards mnnnnn . Langford wasnt our worse in fact he applied the most pressure in the team and its ■■■■■■ difficult in our fwd line. Still dont know why he cannot play wing as he is a veru good mark and turn player. Edwards was a bit untidy with disposal at times but definitely would run him this week and then msje a decision. Perhaps no defensive effort. Ashby what do we loose -

Yeah. I agree.

If he’s playing as well as reported in the Magoos, reward the effort. It sets poor KPI’s for others to achieve excellence.

TBF, he hasn’t played as well as last week in any game AFAICT. Needs to string a few together, because, on evidence, that is the KPI.

Hams did it for about 6 weeks running, (although that entailed an upgrade.)

Shitt! better quickly, ring Woosha & tell him that he & the coaches have it all wrong again.

Don’t worry, we’ll get this sorted …

Should I assume that this smart alec-y post is in response to mine ?

Only if you dare criticise anyone remotely associated to the club.

Langford omitted?!

I hate Sunday games.


I reckon all the ins will play. Question is who will miss out?

Damn, no Polky…bugger

Edwards be on thin ice?
Tippa and Zaka definite.
Reckon McKernan will be an emergency, leaving selection 2 of out Ashby Jerrett, Bird.

Gleeson out for Ashby?

Gleeson out for Ashby?

Lol. Some irrational hatreds know no bounds.

On the ground = will play

Zaka, Jerrett, Bird, Tippa for mine