High Mark Reserved Seating 2024

I came across this post on the main board at BF. Granted it’s the Kangaroos however it does indicate all clubs involved. Anyone heard anything?

Further, when are we leaving the dump and going back to the G?

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Simple. Don’t buy an Essendon membership until they make the necessary decisions around staffing and there is commitment by the club to play competitive football.


No good for me, I’ve had seats level 2 on the wing for 23 years. I ain’t giving them away for that reason!


Cancelling memberships is a way to influence the club. I’ve cancelled the 3 I had. Will only provide player sponsorship for the women.

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That’s your choice. Given location of my seats, I’m not taking that approach.

High Mark members were advised of the potential of seating changes due to the upgrades at Marvel early in season . We are in section 35 and we’re advised later, no changes to our seats for 2024.


I’m sure those 12 Kangaroos members impacted can be relocated


I know that but. I’m concerned there’s more bad news with a complete takeover about to hit us. I’m in S38, centre wing. I will smash them if they move my seats.

Correct :joy::clap:

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@dmaplestone Haha but yes it is a potential concern mate.

Fortuitously I moved my seats out of that particular area earlier this year so hoping I’ll be ok.

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Question for high mark members… might be more for the membership thread but there is no guest pass option for you right?

(I’m AFL member purely due to the fact that I generally go to the football with non-members…)

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This is the exact same approach I took last year. No regrets. Club will get my money again when I see some real performance results.


Correct, no guest passes

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Meanwhile 3 of the MCG tenants are playing finals and the two that arent have won 3 flags each since we have simply won a final.

Leave Marvel Essendon you dimwits


What/when is the trigger to repurchase?

Sacking of Dodo? Or is there more to it?

Sacking him. A full season of commitment.

But you should have already been informed by the Club on this.

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We are High Mark , and yep no guest passes, but we are also AFL members and getting good seats in AFL Members area is mostly impossible.

I have been an AFL member since day 1 which I think was 1978, we had free Grand Final seats for years, but AFL got greedy and now there are three times as many members as seats.

Next year I think we will cut AFL membership and save the nearly $700 each and if we want to go to non Bomber home games like Dreamtime, pay over the top for best seats. Still probably cheaper.

Update. Good news is no further changes to members seating I’ve confirmed tonight :+1::ok_hand:

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Great news Dave, thanks @dmaplestone

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