Hird return to Essendon

Goddard believes Essendon should appoint Hird to a position that enables him to assist Truck when he takes over as senior coach next year. With Woosha leaving there would be money available to re-engage Hird. Truck as a new senior coach will need assistance as has been proven time and time again that rookie senior coaches need help and guidance. It is about time all Essendon people forgive Hird for his “past sins” and use his excellent football brain to the side’s advantage. Many will say NO, but when is he ever forgiven?


Im am very sorry James, i mean no disrespect but NO.

I would be happy for that to happen as would the vast majority of Essendon supporters. But I could see the media jumping all over it and making life hard for Truck. Maybe wait a year, win a flag (yeah I know) and then bring him back.

Will. Not. Happen.

And it really shouldn’t.

Going back into footy will destroy him. The media wont stop, other clubs fans wont stop. It was fry him mentally.

Just leave it be.

If he was interested in coming back I’d offer him Campbell’s job. He’d be absolutely perfect.


Welcome him back into the club, just not as a coach…so sad what happened to him in his coaching tenure…not entirely his fault nor completely blameless…just sad, coz I reckon he could coach.

Use the existing thread.

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