Hirdy's Non-negotiables

So, I was having a squiz at the official club website, watching the video of Dodoro outlining our recent selections ("Bombers excited by tall additions").  Now remember, it is only October that we officially moved into the new facilities, well after the conclusion of last season's shenanigans.  As such, I love the fact that pinned to the pillar (behind Dodoro's head) is a list of "Hirdy's Non-negotiables".


Bomber will clearly make this team his own this year - we'd expect nothing less - but even so, Hirdy is still prominent an Bombers HQ.


I think its exactly where he is for most of the supporters, too.

1. No canned soft drinks in the coaches box

  1. All players under 200 pounds must have 200mg of test3 per day

Wonder if we can zoom in and actually read what it says :lol:

3. No pies on Monday

4. No fat chicks

5. Play the game the way we want to play


6. If that fails switch Hurls and Buckets


7. Realise Hurls and Buckets switched is actually the way we want to play


8. Swap them back again to the initial set-up.

9. No Flash Mobs

10. defensive pressure in the forwardline or you will be traded.

12. ****ing brave at the ball


aside: you can actually read most of them, pretty meh, leadership, learning, aggression, competitiveness, endeavour etc etc; i think our list is already considerably better.

Bleached tips

I can make out number 2 - Willing to Learn.


Think number 8 is the phone number to Goofy's Pizza.  Not 100% sure on that one though.

  1. Long sleeves only

15. Three unsupervised entries per day to the drug dungeon. 

16. If you're not training you're eating or sleeping. 

17.  Lock the friggin' fridge.

18 hair must be luscious

  1. Put the sprinklers on for any journos outside your house.
  1. If this is your first night at Fight Club you have to fight.
  2. Buk Choy with Ginger Pork.

Clean up your mess after eating your salad sandwich in the coaches box.