Hirdy judged best big game player ever

I read it as though it was based on rewards in the marquee games. Those guys who got medals and prestige and so on.

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Me too.

"but as of right now, James Hird has it, for mine. Whether there was a medal up for grabs or not, he just found a way to play well when it mattered.’

So true. :slight_smile:


You’ve got to concede anyone getting 23 possessions with Dean Rioli sitting on them is pretty impressive


My 1st footy memories were walking to the MCG in my wool Jersey with the big number 5 on the back that my nonna sewed on. James Hird made me fall in love with this game and club and I will be forever grateful.

Now go and win another flag FFS!!! :smile:


Hird along with Mercuri were carrying injuries and should not have played that day.

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I also heard a rumour that Christ wasn’t a Christian.