Hirdy judged best big game player ever

… by some dude who writes a blog I just read, but I’ll take it.

Hard to argue with Norm Smith, three Anzac medals and a Dreamtime at the G medal as well.

Then when you throw in his stuff at the end of close games - hello West Coast hahaha.


Not sure I’ll ever witness a greater home and away moment than when he kicked that goal v WCE and hugged the guy in the crowd.

Except when Alf Stewart says “flamin”


Does he still say that?


How old is that bloke? I watched home and away in the 80’s and I thought he was about 60 then.

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Only remaining original cast member.
Stone the crows!!!


Still angers me he never got the 3 votes after the Scott mclaran outburst. One of the blatant acts of corruption from the umps/AFL


who actually got 1 vote in that game. Judd got 2- he was by far their best player that night. Lloyd i think got the 3- he kicked like 8 straight or something unreal.


Lloyd 3, for kicking 8 goals 0 behinds
Cousins 2, for being by far their best (30 disposals, 3 goals, got them back into the game after we smashed them early)
Judd 1, for being Judd (23 disposals). Seriously, that’s the only possible reason as Kerr (22, 2 goals, 8 tackles) had him covered very easily.

I think that’s everyone. The umps certainly thought so.

Farking Hirdy.

He was a like lightning rod for exposing AFL corruption even back in 2004.



Did Dean Rioli tag him that night? Maybe it wasn’t that night, but he did do a decent shut down job on Judd on at least one occasion.

Riloi never tagged Judd.
You just misunderstood the commentators when they said “Rioli is sitting on Judd”


Best EVER!!!

Even better than all those players who had no access to Norm Smiths, Anzac Days, Dreamtimes…

■■■■■■■ spare me!


Certainly our biggest go to player I can remember.

Comp wide? Not sure. Lots of champions of the game. I dont put Hird as the comps best. I still back the call on matthews or duck.

then there are a host of pure mids who have been elite guns in the past 20-30 years.

and you hate him for being on the one of our biggest rivals. but id argue most genuine football fans would have given their left nut to have Luke Hodge in their side at his peak.

Hirdy certainly was inspirational.

Agree with AN’s post - Seems to be that anyone who played 40+ years ago is left out of any debate.

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Yeah Hirdy being able to weave through traffic is nothing on Moses, parting the sea sure was a sight to behold.

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I think the author is saying specifically in big games. Didn’t Carey go missing on GF day? And Matthews played in an era where you could knock out your opponent if you were being beaten. So Hirdy gets the chocolates this time

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Lloydy > Coleman.

How many Coleman medals did John Coleman win?


Like Hird did in 2001?

Like Hird did in 2000?

Carey was in NM best in 1996 too.