How can I change my username?

Any way to do it? Tried in the settings.

PM @Mendozaaaa


Why change your username/avatar? It’s really the only way people can keep track of anyone.

Anyway PM @Andy

Actually, I think @DJR is your man, here…

Dude, you’re already famous. Don’t change a thing, I look forward to meeting MattPocock18 at training some day soon.

Bloke hasn’t posted for eleven months. Stuff him.

I thought there might have been a little empathy, given his username situation.

Not sure if you’re referring to Pocock or my orphaned account that was created during the switch to Discourse?

There used to be another DJR, I’m not sure what shenanigans allowed my orphaned account to kidnap their name…

Anyway, no, I am not the one to ask.


PM me

Can someone PM me? I’m so so lonely

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