How do you quote a post?

I know this is a basic question and I must be dumb not to be able to work it out myself, but how do I quote someone’s post in a post of my own? I assumed that if I pressed the Reply arrow at the bottom of the post I want to quote, then that would work, but it doesn’t. So what do I have to do?

Guidance will be much appreciated.


Highlight the part you want to quote and a quote symbol will appear at the start of the sentence, click on that :slight_smile:

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Or click reply at the bottom right of the post when the reply box appears at the bottom of the screen click on the voice cloud symbol at top left of this and that will quote whole post

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As others have said:

  1. Click reply arrow at bottom right.
  2. click the “speech bubble” icon.
  3. Double check that post being quoted is not from DarkArsePassenger.
  4. Proceed.
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you can’t. if you do you will be insta banned.

Select the text you want to quote. Press the Quote button that appears.

Pm @Mendozaaaa


You must type the text you want to quote yourself.


Thank you all very much. Problem solved.

Oh wow. Life changing

this way works better imo+

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