Huge fire in West London

There’s a 27-floor apartment building in North Kensington caught fire in the middle of the night. Pictures are horrendous.

I expect we’ll hear there are lots of deaths. Some people have reported seeing people jump out of high windows, rather than die in the fire. The building was apparently engulfed in flame inside 2 hours.

Not many reasons have been brought up, but locals say the outside of the building was coated in new cladding 5 or 6 years ago to give the building a better look. I believe that was the major reason for a fire in a Docklands apartment building a few years back.

I headed the topic “Massive” fire, but “ass” is prohibited so changed it. This swear filter is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.

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Yep, … sounds like that dodgy cheap very flammable Chinese Ali cladding that is still on a lot of Melbourne apartment blocks built in the past decade or so.

I haven’t heard anything about replacing it since the danger was identified,… I sure hope they’re getting onto doing it.

There are reports it was being refurbished and lots of waste had been left lying around, including building waste and resident waste such as mattresses and that residents have been warning of a fire danger for 18 months.

It certainly is, … but apparently it’s amusing, so, … all good…

Except one report is that the fire started at the top and moved down, which is very unusual if true.

It looks horrendous. My heart goes out to all the people affected.

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It’s been reported as having started on the 2nd floor in every report I’ve heard, and I’ve had it on CNN for 2 hours.

Maybe I should have had it on Fox News for the real facts.

This is not a dig at you, IT. Not this time, anyway.


Also read that refurbishment was causing priblems with the lifts so waste was being left in foyers. So if true could have started on any floor.

lol no probs. TBH I read that when it first started and haven’t read or watched the news since. It would make more sense that it started low and went up that quickly. Going down is difficult work for a fire and can be contained much more easily.

And right on cue, … just heard one guy saying 4th floor.

Only just catching up on this. Photos are just extraordinary / horrifying.

Seems like the landlord used combustible cladding when they just as easily could have used more expensive non combustible cladding from the same company If that’s the case then lots of people are justifiably going to jail behind this ■■■■.

Indescribably horrific

That’s lots of jail time there, including the building inspectors. Good thing Wormwood Scrubs is nice and local.