Iconic melbourne icon permanently closes

some devastating news, blitz

one of melbourne’s most loved tourist attractions has permanently closed

that’s right, the melbourne star observation wheel

i never got a chance to visit this engineering marvel in the 7 weeks it was operational out of it’s 13 years of existence. which is such a shame as i have always dreamed of seeing what newport and webb dock looked like from up high.

we lose one of melbourne’s key cultural experiences - driving southbound on citylink at night and pretending we’re on rainbow road from mario kart 64.

i’m sure a part of all of us has died with this news.

use this thread to mourn and share your experiences.


legit chortle


Some Sydney people I know who went on it did express disappointment at the view - Melbourne so ugly


I believe the expression white elephant may actually have been coined for this landmark.

Who’d have thunk that something that was closed as often as it was open, in a rubbish and out of the way location in a city with a not particularly amazing skyline wouldn’t have captured an audience.

Amazing really…


I’m not a fan of our high rise views in Melbourne.
Sydney is picturesque because of the harbour and Opera House.
Others cities have something of note to look at.
We lack it.

But from street level, I prefer our vistas to Sydney’s.
We probably have better outdoor spaces like parks and squares. Our The Melbourne laneways are also a unique part of the Melbourne streetscape.


Nowhere near as ugly as Sydney is, once you’re out of sight of the Harbour !


i wonder how kfc, subway and cold rock ice creamery are going to recover from the probable upcoming closure of what i assume to be their highest performing stores situated at the base of the wheel

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You’ll never get sweeping views of Shipping Containers like that ever again.

It simply took my breath away :roll_eyes:


The only good thing in that general harbour town area is cheap parking for football at Docklands. And even then, it’s a pain in the ■■■■ to leave after a big game.

Nuke it!

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It’s pretty sad an attraction of this size has been killed off. Our toursim industry has been decimated… :frowning:

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Nah. Strip it for parts and salt the earth.


I remember riding my bike around the adjacent ‘shopping centre’ at least a decade ago. Certainly the most tragically empty, wind swept mall I have ever been to.
I would have assumed that all the shops are gone these days, leaving behind a dystopian hellscape ruled by rats.


Hahah, that Cold Rock has long been closed

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if i had the money i’d set it up as a giant laser tag arena

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the bad news just keeps coming, doesn’t it


yeah business closures out at Dockland’s are worse than anywhere else in the City.

That said, everywhere is bad now… :frowning:

waste of good salt imo. nothing grows there anyway

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And by "these days* you mean 2019 right…

It really could have been a movie set for some sort of end of civilisation movie.

And yet I kind of enjoyed wandering around there after attempting to go ice skating…

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But we should be thinking about the good times.
For fondly I remember driving past it and discussing with my family, ‘what were they thinking?’

Good times.