Ideal Coaching Set Up

So we’ve got a lot of assistant coaches under contract, so I do doubt many if any will be going now that Scott has joined. Talk of Solly joining as Scott’s right hand man. Could this be the set up?

Senior Coach - Brad Scott
Senior Assistant - Dean Solomon
Forwards - Blake Caracella
Midfield - Dale Tapping
Backline - Daniel Gia

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Would like us to get Selwood or Goddard in some role

It could be…but it could also be something else.

I hope you found my answer helpful.

Brads choice. Complete control

Mahoney has done his work. Sat on a panel to find a decent coach

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Senior Coach - Brad Scott

Forwards - Daniel Gia
Midfield - Nick Dal Santo
Defence - Matthew Scarlett

Team strategy - Blake Caracella
Development - Brendan McCartney

senior coach: mick mcguane

forwards mick mcguane
defence mick mcguane
midfield mick mcguane


Only if he gets rid of that thing on his head

thats where his power comes from


Can we get a new VFL coach, please?

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I have no idea but you’d have to think that Blake Caracella would be sticking around in some capacity.

To be at the announcement yesterday, particularly when he was an applicant himself, and congratulating Brad is a good indication of his character. Ex-Brisbane teammates & were also on the coaching team together under Malthouse at Collingwood.

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Get McCartney stick him in a development role and then pay Selwood whatever he wants including a helicopter from geelong to tulla every to beat the morning commute


In light of the new footy roles announced last night.

Senior Coach - Brad Scott
GM of performance - Dean Solomon
Forwards - Tapping
Midfield - Caracella
Backline - Gianserecusa
Head of Development - ??? McVeigh? McCartney? Choco Williams?
Development - Tudor, Hurley, Cloke
VFL - Stanton

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I would be shocked if Caracella is there next year. Apparently his review from the players was not good at all.

oh really?! interesting! where did you hear that

I have never understood why we don’t have players that played forward coaching forward, mids coaching mids and backs coaching backs!

I reckon it’s too top heavy and this expensive.

Solomon, Caracella, Gia, Tudor and the ones you’ve pegged for head of development are all senior assistant types.

Need more young and hungry guys and not tie all the soft cap in “names”.


I want choco as head of development get on the phone and ask if he’s intrested Josh

One of the players let that one slip at the B&F.

I would assume Brad Scott would want at least a few of his own team there, anyway.

I’d expect Gia to take over the midfield role, and Caracella to handle the forwards with one of Tapping or Tudor to take over the backline

Still nothing about skill specific coaches, no tackling coach, no skills coach

Caras contract would be a huge payout wouldnt it? signed for 2 only last year