‘Imagine Windy Hill’ project

There’s been a couple of updates from the club about this, so I thought I’d share the one from yesterday for those who might not receive the emails in case they’d like to share their thoughts.

Dear Carla,

As you may be aware, the ‘Imagine Windy Hill’ project was recently launched by Moonee Valley City Council (MVCC). The purpose of the project is to provide a platform upon which key user groups, including sporting clubs, local schools, community groups as well as the local residents can collaborate on a shared long-term vision for Windy Hill. This in turn will help inform any future development planning for the precinct.

Windy Hill holds a special place in the heart of many Essendon players, staff and members, past and present, due to its rich history. Today, the club continues to maintain a clear presence at the precinct, hosting matches for both our men’s and women’s VFL games, as well as important community health and recreation facilities through the Windy Hill Social Club, Windy Hill Fitness Centre* and Coaching Zone* (*managed in partnership with Belgravia Leisure).

Further to our own football activities, the Essendon District Football League, which lies within our Next Generation Academy Zone, also utilises the precinct to house their administration and accommodate its Finals Series, as well as being a venue for their umpire training sessions.

While there is a clear desire to acknowledge our own history at Windy Hill, we also accept that a shared vision between all key user groups is critical, and that investment is required to ensure the site develops into a significant recreation precinct for our fans and members of the wider community to enjoy into the future. We also believe in the long-term prospect of the venue for both our VFL and VFLW teams, with the possibility of AFLW too, upon the Club securing a future licence.

There has been significant residential growth in the Moonee Valley municipality and neighbouring regions in Victoria, with MVCC identifying Windy Hill to service the increased demand for sporting and recreation spaces in its strategic plan – MV2040 - https://www.mvcc.vic.gov.au/mv2040.

All ideas and stories that are shared on the ‘Imagine Windy Hill’ website will assist in informing the long-term vision of the precinct so I encourage all of you that may have a personal passion for Windy Hill to share your thoughts on this page via the link below. Remembering the site is for the “recreation of the people”, I would also encourage you to pass this link onto friends, family and local residents that may also have views on the future of the precinct.

MVCC are working towards the completion and circulation of this initial draft vision in August. We will be sure to keep you up to date on the project as it progresses.



Does anyone from the council actually post here?

Not officially.

Whose responsibility are the pavers? Mine’s lookin pretty jacked up.

Can I pm you?

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Move our NGA feeder team, the Calder Cannons from the windblown ■■■■ hole that is Craigieburn and have them use Windy Hill as their home ground/training base. VFL, VFLw, and eventually AFLw likewise, it’ll be great to see games televised from Windy Hill regularly.

Also build a trebuchet so we can continue hostilities with the bowls club.


What a great idea

That said your name is Hird mentality :sunglasses:

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I dunno if there was a special agreement between the club and the council. Will check with the obvious person (who happens to be a big Bombers fan).

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The grandstands are knackered, and the social club is really outdated.

Not sure how viable it is to do up for VFL/W and district cricket games, but something needs to happen with it.

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I reckon the Bowls Club should fund the whole kit and caboodle. :wink:

Just kidding. I think they (the Bowls Club) were prepared to move to an alternative location prior to our relocation, however, the MVCC stopped them. The irony of the council now wanting ‘shared partners’ to fund future development is kinda funny (given the amount of money - $20m plus? we had spent there in the decades prior to our relocation). And we were prepared to inject more funds at the time.

Cheers for sharing, Koala. WH is a magical place. I’m confident that multiple parties will collaborate and ensure that the precinct is developed for multiple users.

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Get rid of the bowls club and make the ground bigger so we can train there again

Initial answer: it’s the club’s responsibility. Am seeking more detail.

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Get some billionaire to buy it (and the surrounding land), turn it into a 75K seat stadium and bring the Bombers back there to play all home games!


I would like to subscribe to yout newsletter.


I can say categorically that if I do actually become a billionaire I will make it happen. Maybe set up a GoFundMe page? :wink:


Imagine windy hill sounds like they are going to bulldoze the place, build new apartments and you get to see the old windy hill using VR.

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goodluck beating the bowls club.

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Would buy them and turf them the ■■■■ out too.

Article in today’s HS about the potential of tearing down the stands at Windy Hill if someone could oblige with a copy and paste.

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More info here (sorry, don’t have subscription to HS)