In memoriam. Australian Journalism. Judd Wept

“THE heartbroken stepdad of missing Boronia teen Siriyakorn “Bung’’ Siriboon has spoken about the “hole” she has left in his life, five years after her mysterious disappearance.”

I don’t know if the journo though they were being clever, they are stupid or just plain insensitive, but there you go.

This thread is a place for such abominations, of which there are plenty.

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Today a high profile journalist slammed, shirtfronted, hit out at, took on, carried on like a boring ■■■■. In reality all he did was have a bit of a sook. You suck!

I wonder why people get into journalism. Is it because the arts degree was too hard?


Surely not deliberate. Surely.

oh my…


Oh come on

Even if deliberate its still more creative than the majority of dribble being published.


Here’s one from the Age.

Muhammad Ali in ‘grave’ condition
Boxing legend’s daughter ‘appreciates the outpouring of love’ as father remains in hospital.

Contains: This article contains a video.

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All the news everywhere is reporting that he has passed away.

/end thread

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/end thread
Got three words in and vomited

fmd!!! legend??? star??? wtf???

Have a look at the quality of the other articles on that site though. Made for farkwits.

Only good thing they’ve done is tell us about the Williams panic room incident.

Not exactly in the spirit of this thread, but l urge all Blitzers to watch this one tonight, and if possible get involved, to help free 7 innocent men.

All the news everywhere is reporting that he has passed away.

All the news everywhere should be that reporting has passed away.

Polarising highs and lows of Ben Cousins
AS his former Eagles teammates this week celebrate the 10th anniversary of their 2006 premiership, Ben Cousins is recovering after again unravelling in public - just another part of his sad spiral.

Just the title. Cousins’ highs and lows are extreme, but I don’t think they are polarising. Polar? Polarised?

I do not think that person understands what polarising means