In memoriam. Australian Journalism. Judd Wept

One has been done before, but it bears repeating.


rough representation of me reading that:



Very advanced on trans issues

Put a lot of effort into those trans-Siberian gulags.

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That’s not actually happening though is it? Not on a large scale anyway. One or two fringe idiot groups, that’s it.
The rest of us are having huge love ins.


The “cooker” element certainly have reached radicalization point, but yes, they are a very small minority.

Is this one of our blitzers?

It gets better.

Last sentence of Clause 55…

It sounds like they made a reasonable (not) hiring decision.

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Thats a great way to guarantee you never get hired again. Google this dudes name and youll be identified as the ultra incel loser dude.


obvs tried to hit on them mid-interview and was told “thanks for your time”

Nice one, Tony Martin.

Virginia Trioli tweeting that, since she went public in support of Stan Grant, she has been inundated with vile hateful responses on her twitter account.

Ronni Salt, an independent journo, was commenting this morning about some Yank RWFW woman who’d jumped into her thread on the subject and wondered how she’d found her way there, seeing as they had no common followers. Suspicious algorithms?

Anyway, she told her to FRO and worry about her own shithole country where killing kids in classrooms is the national sport.


Same for Trioli, tweeps that have never followed her before.

Ever since Musk!


Bit surprised to see this hitting the BBC.
I’ve no idea the background to it but seems v sad.

BBC News - Stan Grant: Aboriginal TV host’s exit renews criticism of Australian media

The BBC left out the bit that the hate pile on came after his comments on Coronation Night. Doesn’t the BBC want its audience to know what he said about the Monarch and British Empire?


BBC publishing biased reports to protect the Establishment and Monarchy? How could you suggest such a thing :wink:.

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Wouldn’t do that the racists abusing him are Monarchists.