In memoriam. Australian Journalism. Judd Wept

What a ridiculous comment.

Mark McGowan did a fantastic job here in WA during covid and his actions contributed to saving the lives of many people.


Couldn’t be the same Sarina Russo, former employer of Dutton’s wife and a big donator to the Liberal Party.

Agreed McGowan did a great job. Thanks to his rules we added a WA tax to our services and didn’t remove them once Covid ended so making me ton of money

Each State and Territory has a rep on the Honours Council. Kaylene Gulich is the WA rep, Jeremy Moule the Vic rep when I last checked.

Do you have to work at being such a cynical prick or does it come naturally?

Comes naturally.
It makes me money so he’s a good bloke. Enjoy paying for it

I guessed as much.

Dan deserves a knighthood for putting up with those feral scum every day, particularly Sophie Elsworth and Rachel Baxendale.


The C7 news piece on it tonight was a disgusting example of disingenuous partisan journalism

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Haha Jeff Kennett on the ABC News , saying it’s a new thing to reward failure.
He got the highest award in 2005!


And why did the ABC think it necessary to use that old fart kennett to disparage Dan’s award but not disparage anyone else?


ABC balance, doesn’t want its Melbourne Bureau to get tingled.

same answer. every single time. now and forever: ragebait

I’m sure Kennett’s golliwog “Buddy” would be equally outraged.

Kennett didn’t complain when he got given a similar award, and he did a lot more damage to Victoria.


More Hun rage bait. Neale Daniher’s honour is below that given to Dictator Dan , whose legacy is debt and the horror of lockdown.
(Neglects to inform that there are different categories/quotas in the honours nominations. Apples and oranges)

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Dan keeps playing, rent free, in their tiny minds.


Can someone explain in small words the McBurney issue?
I am old and don’t understand.

Isn’t he the Hird guy?

What’s going on?


I still don’t know what’s going on…