Indigenous Support

I assume this is replacing Quintin Narkle. Not mucking around!


Was that Paddy’s job?


Is Judas doing a Luke Ball impersonation?
Thought that was his job

That was Ryder’s role title. Perhaps he’s departed.


I hope we didn’t front end Paddy’s contract again.


Were there two (Ryder and Narkle) with the same job title? Seems a bit of a coincidence that Narkle was drafted to PA last Wednesday night and then this job is advertised 3 working days later.

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From what I recall…
Paddy’s role was spread across the Jack Jones Academy, admin related (in welfare as well) and development. The Jack Jones Academy includes any first to third year players (not just Indigenous).
I think Paddy is also part time as he’s still playing EDFL so his time may be limited.
Narkle was more hands on development. Which is why he’s there on training days in the hangar.

Time to get Nat Rat back


How does NLM currently feel about the club? Didn’t he try and sue the EFC over the asaga?

A shame, he has about 15 kids too for F/S.

I trust that Dean Rioli can help mend the relationship

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I saw him at the Dreamtime game.


Who was he barracking for?

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Rioli has his own business to run, is on the Board and the Indigenous Advisory Council. How much time can he devote on a day to day basis, as compared to a structure in place that enables the indigenous officer to function hands on.

I do wonder if we had a contingency plan or not. Narkle leaving wasn’t just out of the blue, he had been having conversations with Port and others for a while

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And NLM was also at training the week leading up to the Dreamtime game.

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Ran into him at the juno a whiles back, didnt come across as too enamoured with the club tbh

It is what it is.
His club connection is Long, Rioli and Paddy.
Not many players from the Knights era were enamoured with the club.
Ditto can be said for the Hird, Worsfold and Rutten era.

When the CEO and President of a club suddenly resign to avoid any scrutiny or blame for governance, when the players and coaching staff are thrown to the wolves , no surprises If they don’t have fond memories.