Inner Monologue

So the other day while browsing reddit I came across a statistic that said that only 30-50% of people experience an inner monologue.

Personally, I thought everybody did, but clearly not, so I’m curious to know whether all you lovely people on blitz experience this?
If not, what do you experience?


I’ve also added a poll for good measure.

  • Inner Monologue
  • No Inner Monologue

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Hmm, I think we need a better definition of an “inner monologue”.

And my inner self agrees


I was reading an article which described a person without an inner voice, however that person seen pictures/images instead.

My inner monologue was wondering why this was posted in the footy sub-forum.

Pesky inner monologue.


I imagine it would be very peaceful, but also quite lonely.

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I would love to shut mine up.


what the fk

there’s people that don’t have one???

-edit- nah get fked this has to be some junk science sht to make someone feel good like “the middle child is always the smartest” or “red wine is actually good for you”. not buying it.


@handypoint is my inner monologue and he never shuts up :crazy_face:


The brain is weird.

I have a mind’s eye that can picture places, buildings, things in great detail. I can’t picture faces though. Doesn’t matter who it is, I can’t bring up that image in my mind.

I have a mate who doesn’t have a mind’s eye at all. He can’t imagine having one. I cannot work out how he functions without one. It’s an alien concept to me.

Another friend asked me once what colour Wednesday was to me. I was confused. Why would Wednesday be a colour? In his mind pretty much every word had a colour association.


I have taken out an intervention order against my inner monologue. It lives in my head rent free and never shuts up.


Some people associate numbers with colours. Some associate music and colours.


Imagine if Nino’s inner dialogue filters out some thoughts


I always thought it was just me talking to myself.

And why not, I’m very interesting.


I like my own company

I can go camping for a weekend by myself, drive for hours and sit around a campfire with a few beers all night. Mine is a good mate of mine :sweat_smile:


How many days do you think he’d been up/how many cones do you think he’d smoked?


Synesthesia is a real thing.


All well and good as long as you get the right answers to the questions you ask yourself.

I’m actually surprised the ‘no inner monologue’ is as high as it is in the poll here, despite some of the percentages bandied about.

My wife and kids think it’s weird that I have no inner monologue.

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how do you go through a day without thoughts??? what’s it like?

learning this has genuinely caused somewhat of a mini-crisis for me.

ok here’s another question along the same kind of lines, athough i’m not going to articulate it very well

when reading something, do you “read aloud” in your mind, or do you just absorb the material some other way you can’t really explain

  • mentally narrate
  • comprehend via osmosis

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-edit- see i have an ongoing inner monologue, but when i’m reading it’s not reading along with me. am i a weirdo?