International Freight

We have been importing and exporting for many years from all over the World and having a good freight partner is critical.

I was contacted by a fellow Bblitzer who asked about using his freight services, and in the past week we gave him a try. We have been using DHL and TNT, who are good, but their services and prices have been a concern of recent times.

Anyway we have a shipment of 5 boxs of about 700 kg total from Germany to Brisbane. Got a quote from the BBlitzer, which was very competitive and gave him a try.

Picked up in Germany on the Friday delivered to our Customer on the next Wednesday, door to door. Constant advice on status, no Customs issues and overall a brilliant service. The DHL quote was about $4000 more, they could give no guarantee that delivery would happen within 10 days, so we won on all counts.

So if anyone out there is interested in this BBlitzer, let me know and I will message you his BBlitzer contact details.

Unless of course, he wants to boast on how good he is !!!

Fark Carlton


For international air we use UPS. Cartons only though. Freight out of Europe takes 3-5 working days and out of Asia before Covid we could book a pick up on Friday afternoon and it’d be delivered on Monday morning. It’s taking longer to get deliveries out of Asia than Europe currently.

Sounds like a real Ace kind of man


But not the one from SA

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That’s some “ace” service you have received there.


Hmm sounds like Aceman has an arch rival on Blitz.