Interweb Intraclub Game Photos - Sat 10 Feb 18

Belly and Smack contest the first ruck.

Clarke goes too high on Baguley

Dear Marty Gleeson, Surely you have seen Walla tackle and tackle again, so why did you try and take him on?

Nope, gone!

Zach shows Hurls a clean pair of heels

And they both know it

Joey jumps over Brown in the marking contest

Hurls copped a knock to the wrist and came off for a check-up.

Zach went about it as per usual.

Filling out nicely.

Jakey showed his strength around the ball and finished with a couple of goals.

JoeDan went for a speccy on Browny.

Belly, at his highest point, takes a mark.

Belly x2

Walla puts on another forward half tackle.

Saad applies the afterburners…

The Corgi gobbles one up

Conor beats big Sammy to the ball

Devon showed some nice touches and goals.

Ambrose gave him stick for shinning the ball inside 50.

Zaka gets taken to ground by Browny.

McGrath throws caution to the wind and steps in front of David Myers’ left boot.


Darcy gets the pass out despite the close attention of Zaka.

But McGrath intercepts and is off

Razz takes the mark on McNeice

Zach cops one on the nose in an encounter with Conor McKregor…

And he’s down for the count.

The Langford with a nice grab and goal

Walla elevated and clunked the mark

Heppell was in good touch across the ground

Benny McNeice gets the step on Guelfi

Who, to his credit, held on to the jumper

Jakey monstered Jacko

Belly crunched the Corgi

Shows some soft hands around the ruck

Mr Footy

Saad machine

Conor ran through the contest leaving the others in his wake

Big Jim, getting bigger

Razz went over to check on Hurls, who spent the rest of the game riding the golf cart, sporting a bandaged wrist.

Some old bloke here having a chat with Norm Jenkins of Pascoe Vale South.

Woosha spent time on the ground coaching some finer points to the players.


A little more running at the end of the game for Jakey to hit his targets.

Can’t wait to see him explode into action for us in the real thing.


Thanks WP!


Great photos @Warlock_Paul. Thanks for posting.

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Excellent work. Thank you.

Was disappointing to see langford still looking too slow in clearances.

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Some more…

Llyody watches the boys run out with his young fella, Jacob.

Our future Full Forward warms up before the game

Already has the Llyody eyes!

Belly got over the top of Smack

Zaka was delivering bullet passes down field

Conor has stepped up another level

Belly wrestles Smack in the ball up

This bloke looks like he knows what to do in there

Clarke tries to take on the big Belly

Mason got a few touches

Jakey has a big hoof on him

Marty moved well and took some good grabs

Hurls was great before banging the wrist

Super fit and moving well

Beautiful delivery with both feet

Our speed off the backline just increased big time

The Pineapple

Myersy bangs out the long handpass


Greeny showed a good recovery from his foot injury of last year.

Devon gets the ball out from Goddard’s tackle

Dois shows a turn of speed in front of the LAV

He was moving really well

Drago turned to Rocky and said, “I must break you.”

Darcy and Zach showed good form in the contests

Stringer with the explosive burst from the contest

The locks and beard were flowing




Joey did at least get a hand to the ball in his jump onto Browny

Belly grabs the ball in front

Mr Footy barked instructions from the sideline

Joey gets to the drop of the ball first

The Ambrosinator looked to have locked down his spot in the side

The Fridge

And Chest Freezer

It was this tackle that led to Conor putting one onto Zach’s nose! You don’t get away from Mr Football.

Razz wins the race to the ball

And is off again

BJ tests out the old hammies against Walla and Guelfi

The Langford receives some medial attention during the game

Poor Sammy Draper copped the full weight of big Belly going for a mark

This blokes covers the ground really well and has some toe.

Matty Dea with a strong grab

Belly and Draper in the ruck

Walla is so fast he beats the ball to where it is going

Even Woosha was impressed

Hurls showing he has full movement, but a bit sore


With the crowd that was there, Devon Smith must have thought he was at a regular season game with GWS.

I only saw the second half and didn’t see Laverde at all. I assume he was off injured…or rested.

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I loved Fletch’s response to McKenna giving one to Merrett.

“I’ve seen young Connor in the boxing ring, and I’m afraid Zac’s gonna have to cop that one. He definitely doesn’t want to be throwing blows with the young Irishman.”

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The photos are great…but…they don’t do justice to the size of Wallas deltoids. Bloke has a rig on him.

Was excited to see the new additions.
Smith looked very good, Saad showed his elite evasive skills, but Stringer didn’t look like he got out of second gear.