Interweb Pics from 6 Feb 19 Team Photo Shoot

The boys move into position

Travis looks for his seat, but Walla and Hartley tell him that he has to stand at the back.

Walla in serious mode.

Jacko gives Walla a head tickle.

Walla in hilarious mode.

Ah, the Bromance. Find someone who looks at you like…

Someone threw the ball at the two lovers before it got too heated. Walla pegs it back at the boys playing cricket.

BJ and Hurls pull on the boots.

A quick jumper change for Devin.

Number 5 is alive.

Joey wants to hide up the back but is quickly pointed to his seat.

Ambrose shows off his six pack!

Bugger, now he can’t pull his jumper back down.

LAV came out with his jumper stuck on his head!

Mr Football shows off some beef.

Someone nicked Jakey’s jumper!

Dyson continues his Survivor look.


Looks out over the young fellas

Woosha is liking what he sees building in the team around him.

Walla entertains a youngun.

Devin and Marty get real close! Hooksy has a laugh.

Not sure where Devin’s fingers have been, but Marty looks guilty though.

Joey tells Devin his dirty joke.

What the…?

Laughs at his own joke!

The new number 5 has the pretty boy looks,

To go with his cheeky grin and attitude.

Who you looking at?

Lets one rip for the boys


Harvs shows the young fellas how it is done.

Look tough!

Hurls looks to see who it is that keeps flicking his ear.

Serious faces on.

Jacko shows off his bowling skills.

Darcy dispatches the ball down leg side.

Meanwhile McGrath shoots some hoops.

Redman shows off his Jenga skills

Devon, Mason or Harts, take your pick.


Hows the rig on Ambrose.

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Baguley’s tan is coming along nicely.

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see Draper checking him out

Ambrose must be a Blitzer, picking on poor little Red like that…

Francis. He is alive!

…or a good photoshop job.

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Great photos, Mrs Fox is excited !


There are just moments where every thing clicks. Administration looks really settled. Boys are becoming men. The jumper looks the best in years and just popping out the photos.

Makes you think were not looking far off it. Maybe because we’ve seen it happen before or im just clucky for success…but wow I’m locked in on this group even more now.

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Going by the position Belly is sitting in, id say he is part of the leadership group.

Hepp cheekily: “Bet if I stare at him long enough from the side he’ll burst out laughing, then I’ll take his place as master of the emotionless stare”

Hepp forlorn: “Why… why won’t you crack. Damn it!”

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Surely not. I mean i don’t mind belly but we don’t need another bloke in the leadership group that struggles to stand up in big games.

Thanks Warlock Paul. Doesn’t look like Francis is enjoying himself. Serious face in all photos.