Intraclub OR Match Sim Training

Nino strikes again!


We should have one during the match. Sydney won’t know what the fark is going on.


i think the “open training” videos the clubs putting up is just the warm up and end of training. I don’t think they would post tactical training videos for everyone to see.

It seems like we have been “building up” gradually to possibly something approaching match practice this Saturday, then we’ll taper for a week for Rd2.
Our “build” has been progressing at JoeD like pace. So gradual and careful that our taper is in danger of starting before the build has finished.
Maybe we should just spend the 1st qtr against the Ducks just warming up, you know building into it, avoiding any sudden movements that might cause injury. Then we could go hard(ish) in Q2, and start to ease off early in the 3rd so as to be ready for Rd3 on a 6 day break.

When does injury prevention start to get in the way of actually performing?

I know the background circumstances are completely different , but I am reminded of the second half of 2012, when, to avoid injury, we backed off so far in training that we got overrun in the second half of almost every game through lack of fitness.

I understand it’s a dilemma. I wonder whether the fitness staff have opted for a low injury, sustainable build, at the expense of being behind other teams fitness wise, and touch wise, for the first few weeks.

That’s just usually what training is like, even the times i’ve attended i have thought surely they could go a bit harder. It always seems like they do some ■■■■ drill at half pace then don’t even master it before jogging off onto something else and having a few laughs along the way.

They are clearly not from the Michael Jordan way of thinking when it comes to training.


It’s been a very unusual year this pre season, there hasn’t been any real intra club matches at all really. The most there has been was about 3 or 4 15-20 minute quarters at various times often broken up with other drills and running etc and not always using the full ground. Due to the large number unavailable it would have been difficult anyway.

It certainly didn’t seem to affect them before the lockdown winning all their practice matches and the first game.

I don’t expect tomorrow to be much different, except I think most players will take part after a large number were rested for sore spots on Tuesday.

I expect they will mostly work on specific parts of their game, midfield clearances, forward entries and clearances from the backline with maybe portions of match practice using 3/4 of the ground or reduced numbers.

It’s probably also important not to go too hard too early before the resumption and get a whole raft of injuries, which was probably the reasoning behind resting players on Tuesday.


Any idea what time training will start tomorrow?

Training should begin around 10am.

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“Why are they tackling their own team mates?”

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Maybe they are just doing the opposite to what we did before the freo game cause we stucked balls